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Julia Burke

Rustenberg is a Stellenbosch highlight, not least because the district of Simonsberg is producing some of the finest wines in the area. It's an incredibly beautiful estate, looking like a Massachusetts farm stuck where Boulder, Colorado should be. The drawback (for the customer) of visiting is that they sell out of their wines quickly so they never have more than three or four wines available.

However, all four that I tasted were outstanding. Interestingly, they make a Roussanne - a grape which I've tried maybe twice with poor results - which is surprisingly good: some mineral characteristics on the nose, full and luscious on the palate without sacrificing a nice well-incorporated acidity.

I was lucky in that they were pouring a wine they almost never have in the tasting room: 2006 Peter Barlow, a 100% cab sauv single vineyard offering. Though I kind of got away from cab sauv in SA, this one is truly spectacular, with a rustic elegance that floored me. Geek info available on the site: http://www.rustenberg.co.za/

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