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Applewood Winery

I know Paul is a great fan of Riesling. “Riesling is the grape of the 21st century”

Sommeliers have always loved Riesling for it’s piercing acidity. Winemakers love it for the wide variety of styles that it lends itself to. It can range from a dry wine with crisp apple and pear flavors to Sweet dessert wines with honeyed notes.

Because of it’s wide range of styles it is a very food friendly wine that goes great with everything from Sushi to Spicy foods. Riesling is the one grape I believe grown in NY that makes wine that rivals the best in the world.

Join us for THE NEW YORK RIESLING EXPEREIENCE at Applewood Winery May 2nd and 3rd 2009.

Jonathan Hull
Winemaker Applewood Winery

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